Analysis of the French Ambassadors

Topics: Human body, Left-wing politics, Political spectrum Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: February 6, 2011
Holbein’s piece of the French Ambassadors (23-11) depicts two people standing in what seems to be an office or study. One man, the one on the left seems to be a patron or some sort of a wealthy man. You can tell by the clothes he is wearing and how much more dignified he looks than from the man on his right. The landowner has a fancy coat lined with some sort of fur. He has on some jewelry, a necklace, hanging from his neck. In his right hand he seems to be holding some kind of instrument showing he is an educated man. His face is rendered with more realism than his peer on the right. He also seems to be bit more lively in spirit. The landowner is leaning upon a table that is loaded with many other instruments for collecting data. These tools are symbols that these two men aren’t your ordinary common folk, they are more like scholars and have curiosities about many different things in life as what was a main theme of the Renaissance. The globes on the tables indicate an interest in astronomy and geology. It could also be a reference to Nicholas Copernicus a Renaissance astronomer who was the first to theorize that the earth wasn’t the center of the universe. Other instruments on the table indicate interests in mathematics, as there seems to be some cube object with numbers and angles maybe referring to geometry. Also on the table there is a mandolin signifying that not only are these two just purely scholars, but lively entertaining people or culturally diverse people. Another object on the table has to be the open books, which seem to be journals or diaries of some sort because of how there is a feather pen marking a spot in one. On the table there is a mantle but to me it looks more than just a decorative pattern for protection of a table but a tapestry of some sort. Above and behind the men and the table is a green patterned curtain. The drapery on the curtain causes your eyes to flow downward upon to the men and the table. The man on the right is dressed in...
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