Analysis of the Chrysalids

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The Chrysalids
Comparison between our world and Labrador

As you may know, Waknuk, in Labrador, appears to be a quite normal society. In fact, normality is what counts most there : abnormalities are abhorred. People from Waknuk wholeheartedly believe that outlawing difference is the only way to avoid another Tribulation. They are deeply religious and think their religion is the only right one. But are they right ? This people probably thinks this way because they were taught this way. They were taught that the Old people underwent the Tribulation because they were lax about Blasphemies and Deviences. On the other hand, other peoples in Labrador have another religions. For example the Zealand people (in Waknuk, the letter «Z » had disappeared which drived David to think it was called « Sealant ») have an advanced technology and industry. They also accept telepathy and even encourage it. It’s important to them not to be afraid of change so they accept difference. We can compare this to our world. People from other religions fighting eachother for that they don’t share the same point of view. For example, the crusades. Crusades were a series of religious expeditionary wars blessed by the pope. The catholic church wanted to restore access to Jerusalem for the Christian. Thousands of Christians, Muslims and Jews died in these wars just because they had not got the same religion. Muslims and Christian were very different on many points. Not only religion but also politics, economics and social relationships. Muslims were divided in many kingdoms which made them divided while all the Christian world united against them.

Nowadays, Christian religion tends to lose a lot of influence because Westerners are becoming less and less religious. A society like Waknuk couldn’t emerge nowadays because we were taught a certain vision of « Good » and « Evil ». But in Waknuk, they are told since childhood that normality is good while difference is a blasphemy and should be...
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