Analysis of the Aubade Advertising

Topics: Advertising, Graphic design, Brand Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Analysis of the AUBADE advertising
The latest Aubade advertising campaign belongs to a long series of « seduction’s lessons », which started in 1992. It particularly well reflects the brand image and perfectly manages to convey the values of the brand. This advertisement shows the back of a beautiful young woman wearing a sexy silk top with a glamorous lace back. And there are only two writing elements: the short sentence at the bottom which is the 110th lesson: “impose him one dressed up evening per year” and the sober logo which is clearly visible at the top of the picture. In this ad we can find all the key elements that constitute the DNA of the Aubade brand and which have made the success of this particular and very original advertising concept. First there is the fundamental black and white artistic photograph of a beautiful anonymous girl whom we cannot see the face. The picture focuses on the sexiest parts of her perfect body, even though on this particular time the girl is dressed up, which is not the case in most of Aubade’s “seductions lessons”. Secondly the message delivered by the few words of the lesson is presented as an essential ingredient of a recipe: the recipe of “how to drive your man crazy”. The way this message is provided, with a hint of humor, gives the impression that the wonderful woman gives to the others the secret for being as attractive as she is. This is made possible because the woman in the street can easily identify herself to the ad thanks to the absence of face. The aim of this lesson is clear: imposing desires and offering one and only solution to satisfy it. For the woman the desire is to be as sexy as the woman she sees on the picture, for the man it is the wish to see his wife as beautiful as the woman on the billboard. In both cases the solution seems obvious: buy Aubade lingerie. These much codified elements convey the values of the brand in a very efficient way. The luxurious aspect of the products is shown through...
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