Analysis of the Apple Inc. Annual Report

Topics: Apple Inc., Apple Store Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: February 13, 2013
State Analysis of a Professional Document
By: Trung Nguyen

Apple Inc. annual report is written for such targets as shareholders, potential stockbrokers, economists, and public readers. The company does not disclose who the writer is, but the author maintains well his/her plain tone in the paper. This report is demonstrating Apple’s background, its products, and how their marketing campaigns have the sales. The first three pages will be covered for the analyzing purpose.

At first glance, The Company’s annual report is arranged big sections called “parts”, and then other small sections called “items.” This outline allows audiences to follow the main points easily and have better understanding of given data. The author uses “The Company” in almost every sentence, which provides readers that Apple Inc. is a highly united corporation that knows what it is doing. “The Company” is fully responsible for all of actions. The tone is expressed in a confident way to guarantee the clarity and precision of information.

While there is no trace of persuasive text, the author utilizes plain language as a very powerful and convincing tool to promise potential Apple’s faculty and future investors that the company’s growth is at its best strength. The author also lists all the products and its features using strong influencing words like “combine”, “multi-purpose”, or “offer”, etc. to advertise to the newly introduced readers. The audience will be able to catch up with their latest technology and skim through the thriving statistics of Apple Inc. Together with “the Company”, verbs like “sell”, “committed”, and “believe” has been repeated many times. It is the author’s purpose to emphasize that Apple has distributed their products world-widely, dedicated to its business duty of providing customers “best user experience” through its non-stop developing hardware, software, and services. Plus, the Company also has faith in its qualified faculty who carry vast amount of...
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