Analysis of the 1927 Film Wings

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  • Topic: Actor, Want, Presentational acting and Representational acting
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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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Jack Powell, the main actor starred by Charles Rogers is a young teenager who dreams about flying on the sky. Jack’s character requires Charles to be funny, bright, cheerful person and full of American spirit. From the beginning of the film, it shows that Jack’s personality is to make fun to the audience and make us more enjoyable to the movie. There are two scenes in the film I want to share with, the first scene is Jack found out he shot down David’s plane, the second scene is Jack and David studying the map before taking off in the last flight, after Mary got caught in Jack’s room. First, I want to talk about the three basis rules that actors should behave when they are on film, which is objective, obstacles and actions. Objectives are the actors must find something that he wants and desire that is outside of himself to build the characters by looking at the script, or to find out what the character wants and do everything to achieve it. Obstacles are the problems that actor is facing; which the problems can be within the environment, the characters itself or the other persons. The actors need to decide that the characters needs to do everything he possibly can to go over, under or through these problems to get what he wants, the actors decided the character wants this thing so badly that he is going to do something to go through these problems to achieve his objectives, and they will use something called actions to tackle it. These actions will include motivation, personalization and substitution and the “Magic If”. In the first scene, before Jack realized he accidentally shot down his best friend David, his facial expression was very happy and excited. After he knew the plane taken down was David, he became very shocked, and cannot believe what he has done to his best friend. In this scene, Charles Rogers shows the presentational acting skills that he has, his acting is a truthful thing, he shows how shock and how serious he was when...
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