Analysis of Tata Advertisements

Topics: Brand, Advertising, Brand management Pages: 3 (1296 words) Published: December 20, 2012
The campaign aimed at reaching out to the Indian citizen to reinforce the image of the company as cutting edge, global steel major which is dedicated towards social &economic sustainability, green-technology and community empowerment. The core of the campaign is to showcase the organization’s involvement and commitment beyond steel making, while embodying it’s overarching “value system”. Components of the Advertisement: This particular ad showcases the company’s commitment in developing and bringing up the future leaders. The ad also portrays Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest and her relation with TATA Steel and their value system. The Message: The message is the vital component of this advertisement. The company decided to convey the main message through sentences. Left hand half of the ad is a colorful portrait of Bachendri Pal and right half contains the message. The message is quite long. So to make it interesting, the creators chose a contradictory title which says “WHY WOULD WE ENCOURAGE THIS LADY TO MAKE PEOPLE BREATHLESS?” This is a contradictory and a vague question which would stimulate the reader to read the lines that follow. In the body of the message the creator tried to answer the question by relating it to the main objective of the advertisement i.e., the company’s commitment towards nurturing future leaders along with making steel. The body was divided into several lines, each independently answers the question. Every sentence of the body started with a “because” which gives a sense to the reader that every line directly answers the question. This also created a synergy and rhyming in the message. The message is broken into shorter sentences which are easier to read. The sentences of the message are written in such a way that even by reading one line, the reader gets stimulated to read the whole message. The first three lines speak about the lady (on the left)’s relation with the company’s leadership training...
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