Analysis of Student Learning

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Analysis of Student Learning
In order for a teacher to be truly effective in the classroom, that educator needs to have some indicator of how well the information is being assimilated into the cognitive processes of their students. Those that have participated in the lesson planning process know this to be the assessment portion of such plans, but rather than simply creating the assessment and looking at the percentage of points earned on it a teacher should be analyzing the consistent mistakes that each student is making with respect to each assessment. It is in this paper that I would like to address a concrete example of analyzing a student’s learning ability within the classroom by giving specific examples of student work to corroborate my findings.

The student that I have chosen to specifically analyze is Nathan. Nathan is a sixth grade student at Avalon Middle School. He shows up to tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays, participates in class, but is consistently struggling with individual assessments like homework, quizzes, and tests. After grading three of Nathan’s assignments and the diagnostic test that I had given him, it was clear to see that there was a disconnect between what was being portrayed in the classroom and what entered Nathan’s cognitive processes. This may be related to the fact that Nathan is on the autism spectrum and consequently has an Individualized Education Plan assigned to him by the Department of Education. Being that this is such as it is, it could be understood why Nathan’s grades were not quite as satisfactory as his classmates, but it may not be the biggest barrier to his learning of the information. There may have been a certain concept that Nathan misunderstood throughout his career as a student. Analysis of his work showed this quite clearly.

When analyzing two quizzes and a test of Nathan’s (in addition to his Diagnostic Test), I noticed that he was consistently having trouble dealing with fractions and converting to...
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