Analysis of Stephen Zhang Case

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Risk, Job satisfaction Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: April 1, 2011
Stephen Zhang has to decide whether or not to take the very attractive job offer from Shen Rui or stay with Noble to finish the project. This may seem simple but there are numerous issues and factors contributing to Zhang’s decision. First of all, the pay at Noble is not that great for the position that Zhang is in. Zhang someday hopes to get married but cannot with the salary he gets from Noble. After 3 – 5 years managers are supposed to be promoted and eventually become partners where the pay is much better. So far, no one has been promoted and that’s the reason why Shen left Noble because he was promised a promotion and wasn’t given it. Shen Rui had promised Zhang a 50% increase in his salary from Noble, more benefits and a higher ranking to manage people which he may never get the chance if he stays with Noble. This may be Zhang’s only chance to get ahead in life. From the journal article importance of pay it reveals that pay is an important attribute to employees 1. The article talks about how people aren’t willing to say pay is important to them but is an important factor to employees making decisions 1. For Zhang, he too is looking at higher pay to attract him to a new job. The article goes on to say that money is part of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs because people need money to provide for their basic needs and to move up the triangle they require more money 1. As with Zhang, he wants to get married, wants to do more challenging tasks but he needs more money from Noble in order for that to happen which makes Shen’s offer really attractive. The article also points out how dangerous it is to be paid below market levels as employees are driven by performance 1. Shen realizes this more than Chan and this makes the offer really attractive to Zhang to almost not pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity. Shen’s offer needed an answer in a very short time. It was Friday and Shen wanted an answer from Zhang no later than Monday...
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