Analysis of Sports Tourism

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Sports tourism

Тhe sports tourism is defined as a specific travel outside one’s unusual environment for the purpose of actively or passively participating in any sports event, the latter of which is the reason for the travelling. The sport, with the other tourism elements, increases the whole experience. In terms of sports marketing and sports administration, the sports tourism classifies into 2 widely-knows categories: * Travelling for the purpose of participation in sport (the purpose of the travel is watching the sport, vacation, fitness, spa etc.)

* Travelling for the purpose of observing the sport (the purpose of the travel is observing, vacation fitness spa etc.)

Due to its remarkable growth, the World Tourism Organization defines the sports tourism as a new emerging market. Truly, the interest towards the sports and especially towards the elite sports events has increased dramatically. The events of the sports tourism on international and regional level have double effect: * Direct effect – the attendance of the players and the audience * Indirect effect – the marketing of the destination, which further benefits the additional tourist flow. This effect can be very big, depending on the expectation of the sports event. Today, the tourism is number 1 industry in the world, with the sports being number 1 industry in the entertaining sector. The sport is inseparable part of any culture and even though it is often looked as a separate industry, it is still part of the tourism industry. Sports can also be seen as an attraction. The sports tourism has established itself as a key factor for the tourism development. The main tourist destinations develop the idea of tourist products which can be compared to the entertaining sports. These ideas allow their destinations to be compared and to compete with their rivals in the other sector of tourism in the international level. The sports tourism is a business for billions of dollars, one of the fastest developing businesses. It has grown internationally, attracting media and political interest. In 2012, the travels and the tourism are 15% of the world’s GDP. The economics of some cities, regions and even some countries of the world are highly dependent of the visits of sports fans. In some countries sport bring nearly 25% of the tourism incomes. In this way, sports tourism earned its reputation as a multimillion business. The tendencies in the world tourism recently showed that sports tourism has become important segment for the global tourist industry. For the last ten years the Global tourism industry has witnessed many changes and innovations caused by many factors such as: spare time increase and spending it, appetite for spectacles and thrillers, new methods of distribution etc. This has influenced the travelling with sports purposes.

Issues with the sport tourism:

2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi – A lost chance for the Indian tourism. The 2010 Commonwealth Games were held in Delhi from 3 to 14 October, 2010. The preparation for the games received widespread international media attention, with the criticism being pointed towards the organizers for its slow pace of work, as well as issues related to the hygiene and security. Criticism was also for the fact that over billions of dollars were spent over the event, despite of the fact that India has one of the world’s largest concentration of poor people. The Indian government had planned to use the Commonwealth games in Delhi to show the world what they did and give a boost to the Indian tourism the same way that China did with the Olympics in Beijing. Despite this, for an unexpected turn of events, the Indian government was accused of inefficiency and corruption. The tourism industry is important part of the Indian GDP. The Commonwealth games were considered a good chance for the development of the tourism in the country and increasing the...
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