Analysis of Some Popular Social Network System

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Analysis of Some popular Mobile Social Network Systems
Chang Tong Helsinki University of Technology lot, and are very social. [11] Although the number of mobile social network users is not very great at present, people With the rapid development of mobile devices and wireless believe that mobile social network will become much more technologies, a large number of mobile social network sys- popular in the near future. tems have emerged in the last few years. The migration of In the resent few years, some papers have investigated mosocial networks from web-based applications onto mobile bile social network related technologies, or have made case platforms not only increases the connectivity of people, but studies of a certain mobile social network system, mostly, also promotes the convenience of people’s life. Integrated Dodgeball.[11, 16, 10]However, there is no paper having with location-based information services, mobile social netmade a systematical analysis and comparison of mobile soworks can help users search for a friend or a friend of a cial network systems. This paper will try to analyze and friend nearby, or glean some location-related information. compare some of the most popular mobile social network This paper studies some current popular mobile social netsystems according to some chosen criteria. work systems,namely, Dogeball, Twitter, and Jaiku, analyzes The rest of the paper is organized as follows. In the sectheir services, architectures, technologies used to provide location-based information, interaction methods, and other ond section, the criteria which are chosen to analyze mobile issues. Mobile social network systems have many advan- social network systems are presented. Then some popular tages over traditional web-based social network systems, but mobile social network systems, that is, Dodgeball, Twitter, they also face some challenges, such as business issues, pri- and Jaiku, are analyzed according to the chosen criteria. The benefits and challenges of mobile social networks are disvacy protection, and correct use. cussed in the next section. And finally, some conclusions KEYWORDS: mobile social network systems, Dogeball, will be drawn about the development of mobile social netTwitter, Jaiku work.



Introduction 2 Methods

A mobile social network [5, 14, 12] is a virtual community for individuals of similar interests to connect with one another using mobile devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs. Initially, social networks were based on the Internet, and many people used it as a way to communicate with their family members, co-workers, friends, and strangers too. Later, as a result of the widespread use of mobile phones, the advent of more mature mobile platforms, and the development of location-based services, social networks migrated from web-based applications onto mobile platforms. The functionalities of the current mobile social network systems can be very sophisticated and comprehensive. Users of a mobile social network system can create their own profiles, make friends, search for a company nearby, and share photos and blogs all by using their mobile phones. Mobile social networks are also ideal channels for users to seek some location-specific and time-specific information, since this kind of information is often not available on the Internet or elsewhere. [8] Many mobile social network systems exist nowadays.Dodgeball, Jambo Networks, Plazes, Myspace, playtxt, Friendster, GoPets, Jaiku are just some of the most popular ones. The majority of the users of mobile social networks are people aged 20-35, who have a lot of friends, go out a

In this paper, I will analyze and compare three mobile social network systems, that is, Dodgeball, Twitter, and Jaiku. I choose these three systems because they are some of the most popular mobile social network systems nowadays, and there are some differences between them. This paper will study these mobile social network...
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