Analysis of Scenes of Atonement Film

Topics: Film techniques, Close-up, Long shot Pages: 4 (1839 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Atonement- Analysis of Scenes
The scene starts with a long shot of the three characters walking on a path in the reeds towards the camera. The reason a long shot is used is to establish the setting of the characters. It cuts in to a close up of Robbie to show his emotion as he realises they have made it to the sea. It cuts to an medium high angle aerial long shot as the characters are running through the reeds to show the true desperation of the men. While they are running the music playing is low like being played on an organ and picks up pass to build up the tension of the scene. It tracks their movement as they run and cuts into a close u p of Robbie’s shoe then zooms out and moves up at the same time up over Robbie’s head to an extreme long shot of the beach of Dunkirk. The reason an extreme long shot was used was in order for the viewers to really be able to see the whole of the beach, to capture the essence of the War by all the devastation of the beach by seeing it all. A reverse shot reverse is used between the men and the beach, firstly it is a close up of Robbie’s face to be able to portray the emotion of disappointment in Robbie’s face. The camera then cuts to its continues tracking shot using a handheld steadicam for the duration of 5 minutes. It starts with the camera tracking a medium shot at eye level of the men talking as they walk towards the camera. the captain is tall and walks with precision to show his authority. The camera continues to track the men in a long shot as they walk along the beach, certain objects obscure the view of the men walking as the camera tracks behind things like burning cars which is included in the mise-en-scene as it shows the viewers the true devastation of the scene. Robbie is walking with purpose and determination and the camera follows Robbie to shows his purpose. There is no music just the rattling of the on goings of the soldiers and the soldiers shouting, the sounds of horses are heard and gun shots. As...
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