Analysis of Salt in India

Topics: Marketing, Management, Customer relationship management Pages: 64 (13064 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Syllabus of Second Year (Semester III/IV), MBA (Master of Business Administration) Course Code : MBT601-1 Course : Integrated Marketing Communication L: 3 Hrs., T : 1 Hr., Per Week Total Credits: 7

The objective of this course is to provide the students with knowhow about Marketing Communication, Integration concepts, Media planning and buying concepts. Learning this course would equip the students in building there career in advertising and media planning.

Unit I:
Introduction to Marketing Communication Concept; Functional areas of Marketing Communications; How does marketing communication work. Concept of brand-customer touch points.

Unit II:
Concept of Integrated Marketing Communication planning process-identifying target audience, analyzing SWOT, determining marketing communication objectives, developing strategies and tactics, setting the budget and evaluating effectiveness. Concept of internal marketing.

Unit III:
Creative Concept and Messages; the message strategy brief, the creative process,

Unit IV:
Message Execution; Message storytelling, tone and style, copy writing, message consistency, the consistency triangle.

Unit V :
Media planning, media classification, media strengths and weaknesses, Audience management and measurement, out of home media, product placement.

Unit VI:
Media targeting, media profiles, CDI-BDI Determination, calculating reach and frequency, GRP and TRP concept and calculation, IMC media mix, calculating media cost, media scheduling.

Text Book:
1. Principles of Advertising and IMC: Duncan, Tom. - McGraw Hill.

Reference Books:
1. Integrated Marketing Communications: Pickton, D. and Broderick, A. - Prentice Hall. 2. Using advertising and promotion to build brands: Blyth, J. –Pearson 3. Advertising management by Jethwaney: Pub by Oxford.

4. Building the Indian Brand: Kapoor, MacMillan
Syllabus of Second Year (Semester III/IV), MBA (Master of Business Administration) Course Code : MBT601-2 Course : Brand Management L:3 Hrs., T:1 Hrs., P:0 Hrs., Per week Total Credits : 7

The objective of this course is to teach students the broad topic of brand equity and brand management. Learning this course would help them to understand the key issues in planning and evaluating brand strategies. The course covers theories, models and other tools which are used to make better branding decisions.

Unit I:
Brands and Brand Management: What is a Brand? Why do Brands Matter? Can anything be branded? What are the strongest Brands? Branding challenges and opportunities, Brand equity concept, Strategic Brand Management Process The Customer Based Brand equity: Brand Knowledge; Building a Strong Brand, Brand-Building Implications.

Unit II:
Brand Positioning: Identifying and Establishing Brand Positioning, Positioning Guidelines, Defining and Establishing Brand Values, Internal Branding. Choosing Brand Elements to Build Brand Equity: Criteria for Choosing the Brand Elements, Options and Tactics for Brand Elements.

Unit III:
Designing Marketing Programs to Build Brand Equity: New Perspective on Marketing, Product Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Channel Strategy. Leveraging Secondary Brand Knowledge to Build Brand Equity: Conceptualizing the Leveraging Process, Company, Country of Origin and other Geographic Areas, Channels of Distribution, Co- branding, Licensing, Celebrity endorsement, Sporting, Cultural, or Others Events, Third Party Sources.

Unit IV:
Developing a Brand Equity Measurement and Management System: The Brand Value Chain, Designing Brand Tracking Studies, Establishing a Brand Equity Management System. Measuring Sources of Brand Equity: Qualitative Research Techniques, Quantitative Research Techniques; Measuring...
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