Analysis of Ryanair Strategy

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  • Published : March 26, 2009
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Strategy is an important factor to all organizations since it gives direction for the organizations on which route they should take in order to success. Strategy can be seen as effective long-term plans that guide organization to achieve their goals or objectives and to remain competitive .advantages in the industry. Generally, strategy has been variously defined by different authors as being driven by either "inside out" - Resources Based View or "outside in" - Positioning view, or so called Market Based View. Ryanair's strategy which gave them competitive advantages and competitive position can be analyzed through these two different perspectives of strategy.

In the business world, firms compete with other firms, in this sense one business idea competes with the business ideas of competitors, some survive and some do not. In the market for cheap flight airline, Ryanair have succeeded but others have not. This is mainly because the "idea" of Ryanair which Chief Executive Michael O'Leary simply adapted from the Southwest Airlines' business model to the European environment - the low-budget airlineworks for them. Ryanair's model of low-budget airlinewhich passes its costs directly to its customers in order to maximize profit had leaded them to the profitable route of success. It is the integrated business strategies which combines resources-based view and positioning view that added value to Ryanair and help them to achieve the significant result in the cheap-flight industry by leveraging its competitive advantages and competitive position. Ryanair's core competencies are the variety of destinations and routes they serve within the continental Europe, the rapid amount of flight and sufficient capacity. Ryanair serve variety of destinations and routes which increase their market share and had become one of the major core competencies for them to sustain competitive advantages
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