Analysis of Russian Governemnt

Topics: Russia, Soviet Union, Separation of powers Pages: 6 (2260 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Roberto De Cecco
Personal Analysis of Russia
The state of Russia has greatly expanded throughout history and has gone through a number of political changes. But even with its vast history, the legitimacy and its long term viability aren’t guaranteed. But it can be inferred on what the future holds for Russia and if its state is legitimate when its history leading up to its creation, the Soviet Union era, its government, and its constitution. The history leading to the creation of modern day Russia includes many nationalities which has a separate history and complex origins. A characteristic of Russian history was continual territorial expansion. The historical origins of Russia are mainly made up of the East Slavs which evolved into the Russian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian people. The first East Slavic state, which controlled the trade route between Scandinavia and the Byzantine Empire, collapsed between struggled for power within the family, and the Conquest of the Mongols finished them. Soon after the state Muscovy came into power by dominating nearby territories and became the basis for the future Russian empire. As Muscovy grew in power, it acquired territories from Poland to the pacific ocean which would include Russian and non-Russian people alike. This became a pattern. During all of this Russia was isolated and backwards compared to the rest of the world, which was only seen with huge expansions. Due to this, rulers such as Peter the great attempted to modernize Russia with varying degrees of success but after time brought Russia up to speed technologically with the rest of the world and had western influence on the culture. Another big event was the defeat in the Crimean War which led to the emancipation of peasants and major reform acts in the 1860s. These could not stop a slew of problems including the inefficient agriculture, peasants seeking land, and non-Russian people struggling for autonomy. With all these problems the monarch and state system surrounding the tsar became isolated from society which led to an increase in revolutionaries in the 19th century. The event that was the straw that broke the donkey’s back was the defeat in the Russo-Japanese of 1904-05. This caused people of different classes and races to demand fundamental reforms. Nicholas II came up with a limited constitution but autocracy again took effect in the last decade of the tsarist state. After WW1, conditions worsened and autocracy grew more unpopular. The advantages the state had leading to its creation were its size and its rich culture and history. The history leading to the creation of Russia caused it to become one of the largest and greatest states in Europe and Asia. It was powerful and conquered any state that it sought for. This caused Russia to have good short term viability as a state because it was so vast and powerful at the time. This territorial expansion also caused the state to have a diverse culture and history. Russia at the time was made up of different ethnicities and races which caused people to feel more connected as a state. The disadvantages of the state leading to its creation were its vast size, people having little power in the government, and the territorial expansion. The vast size of the state caused Russia to fall behind in the world technologically and etc. because so much time was spent conquering and maintaining lands that there wasn’t much effort for advancement of the sciences, technology, education, etc. for the state and the people. Also as time went on and people became more educated they were demanding for reforms. Many of these failed due to the monarch and state system surrounding the tsar becoming isolated from society and even the limited constitution from Nicholas II slipped back into autocracy. Not only that, but one of the fundamental characteristics that made up Russian history which was territorial expansion put it at a disadvantage for the long term. Since the state was maintaining...
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