Analysis of Rosemary's Baby and Religious Faith

Topics: Faith, Religion, God Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Is God Dead?
Rosemary’s baby written by Ira Levin is a masterpiece of modern day horror that emphasizes the importance of religion. Rosemary, Guy Woodhouse’s wife and a young soon to be mother was raised by a strict religious catholic family. As she supposedly became agnostic towards her catholic faith, she left behind her an angry, suspicious father, a silent mother and four resenting brothers and sisters (Levin, 24). Throughout the novel we learn that Rosemary has re-embraced her religious beliefs and has never truly abandoned them. The author is also depicting a crisis of faith in the modern era explaining how there is a growing decline in religious belief in the 60’s.

Rosemary regrets doubting and turning away from her religious beliefs after she discovers that pure Satanic evil does exist, and is residing next door. She re-embraces her religious beliefs as she utters a prayer "Oh Father in heaven, forgive me for doubting! Oh Jesus help me save my innocent baby" (287). This reveals how she seeks forgiveness of ever doubting gods existence and the power of religion itself. She is not only seeking forgiveness, but help for her baby. She realises that becoming agnostic and leaving her faith behind has allowed the devil to enter a doorway in her life. She re-embraces religion because it is her last hope since Guy, Doctor Sapirstein, the Castevets have all terribly deceived her: "All of them, they were all in it together. All of them witches" (257). This betrayal caused her to search for hope and to reconcile her inner conflict she had with her own faith. Moreover, as Rosemary is giving birth she apologizes to her baby "I’m sorry, my little darling! Forgive me!" (272). She is apologizing for being too late and for failing to protect her new born from the evil that surrounds her. Rosemary knows that if she had not put aside the importance of her catholic faith, this would not be happening. She then asks the child for forgiveness because she feels that it is...
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