Analysis of Robin Hood Case

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Analysis of Robin Hood Case
In this case, we regard the band of Merry Men as an organization, so people in the band can be seen as the employees in this organization, and the High Sheriff of Nottingham is the biggest competitor of Merry Men. We mainly find three problems associated with the situation about which Robin Hood concerns: human resource management, financial strain and competitor’s threat, and for each problem we offer our solutions. Firstly, at the beginning of the establishment of the organization, it is Robin and his three lieutenants that take control of the whole organization, which can be seen as using the centralized model. However, as the increasing size of the organization, the centralized model is not fit the organization any more because it is not feasible to let four people to manage so many people, thus, problems like decline of vigilance and discipline occur. To solve these problems, we come up with two solutions, one is to decentralize the power, the other one is to establish integrated model. If we treat Robin as CEO, regard his three lieutenants as top management level, and see other people as employees, we can find that there is lack of middle management level in this organization. Under this circumstance, to decentralize the power means to build several functional departments and give each department right as well as responsibility of managing the organization. So the three top managers who are under supervision of CEO only needs to manage leaders of different departments and each leader will supervise their own departments; at the same time, when making a decision, the leaders of departments need to collect employees’ advices and the three top managers need to come to two or three conclusions before CEO makes the final decision. And to establish integrated model means to get different departments we have talked above into connection, to give every department the right to monitor and to cooperate with each other. For...
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