Analysis of Riordan Manufacturing Hr System

Topics: Data, Human resource management, Management Pages: 4 (1194 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Employees and human resources (HR) are a business’ biggest asset. Appropriate management is important to a business the size of Riordan Manufacturing. Currently the company employs 550 employees globally. The HR database contains an enormous amount of information in all of the employees’ files and data regarding their respective careers at Riordan. The database should operate at peak performance at all times. The functionality of the current system is limited due to a quickly becoming outdated system compared to other systems that are currently available. The Information Technology (IT) department had been asked to analyze the current system and issue an analysis of the scope and feasibility of the project. Scope

The HR system is in danger of becoming unstable due to increased data storage and data processing. Riordan Manufacturing has grown over the years as did their employee pool. With this growth came more data gathered as well as more data analysis and processing. The current system is strained to its limits and cannot handle the load efficiently as it once did. HR employees can only process the data as quickly as the system allows. To resolve the processing slow down, servers will be added to handle the increased load. Additional software will be designed to add to the existing system and add features such as requesting Family Medical Leave and tracking payroll records. The system will have a feature that managers will be able to submit annual evaluations resulting in timely reviews and payroll will not need adjustments such as retro pay for late reviews. Current payroll processing is repetitious in areas and therefore inefficient. By allowing new systems to replicate data to one another, the data entry occurs once. Repeated data entries resulted in data errors and this will be rectified also. To resolve the slow down of processing, additional servers need to be added to handle the increased load. Designing additional applications to add to the system...
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