Analysis of Reebok 19+

Topics: Athletic shoe, Shoe, Footwear Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Fiona Yang
April 9th, 2013
Consumer Behavior Analyses 2—Reebok ATV 19+
I chose to write about Reebok Men’s ATV 19+, Reebok’s first all-terrain athletic shoe, because it is very debatable. One the one hand, at the technical level, ATV 19+ is worth checking out. As the name of the shoe—All-Terrain Vehicle—suggests, the shoe was designed to give users more stability on uneven ground, such as mud, snow, sand, and grass. ATV 19+ is also flexible, durable, lightweight, and $140 fairly economical (a bit high but acceptable compare to Air Jordan sneakers). On the other hand, the “goofy-looking” and 19 big lugs of the shoe are extremely sticky and creative, both in a good way and a bad way. For example, I told my friend that I am going to write about Reebok ATV 19+ and showed him the picture, and he immediately recalled that he has seen it at a Footlocker store. Unfortunately, people don’t like the look of ATV 19+ at all. Normally, there are only two or three comments after one article on the website I attached, but Reebok ATV 19+ has had over fifteen comments and 90% of them are negative. People used words such as “ridiculous” and “creepy.” After evaluating from a consumer behavior perspective, I think some runners/athletes would buy ATV 19+ for its technology and performance, and general people would remember ATV 19+ for its look but would not like it or buy it.

According to the high functionality of ATV 19+ and the ad campaign featuring Rampage Jackson, a former mixed martial artist, I think that the target consumers are mud runners, trail runners, and ultra-runners. More specifically, the targets have to be a special group who value the shoe for its functionality and comfort, not as a fashion statement. I think ATV 19+ could well communicate with this small group: the shoe meets the needs of intensive trainings and harsh races. Despite that some runners may think the true art of running is to feel the environment and learn to run correctly, ATV 19+ as a pair of...
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