Analysis of Proud to Be Speciesist

Topics: Logic, Speciesism, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: April 9, 2012
The use of animals for human benefits has always been a controversial topic. It is still unanswered whether the use of animals for human advantages is valid. Animal activists think that using animals for human advantages can never be good, whereas few researchers and scientists think that animals are necessary for human welfare. "Proud to be Speciesist" by Stephen Rose, talk about the issue of animal rights but present a totally contrasting viewpoints toward use of animals. The authors talk about using animals for human benefits in different approach. Rose's essay looks at a specific, personal view on the topic. Rose contradicts saying that human welfare and survival is more important than animal rights and argues that using animals for research is acceptable.

Rose talks about the importance of animals in research for human survival. He cites an example of Alzheimer's disease from his personal experience to explain the importance of animals in research to find a treatment to it. Rose's arguments about importance of animals in research are incontestable as his arguments are totally scientific and logical. Since Rose is a professor of biology and a researcher himself, his arguments are valid and credible. He says, "The first statement is plain wrong; the second, the claim that animal have "rights", is sheer cant". In addition, he talks about "speciesism" and says that animal activists are also speciesists because they prefer animals to humans. Though Rose's arguments are strong, his credibility weakens as his reasons and examples are solely from science. Moreover there can be a hint of him being biased about the topic since he is a researcher himself. Though use of animals in research is necessary, his arguments are weak due to the limited scope of his research.

Rose explains how researchers have been able to find cure for diseases like diabetes, Epilepsy, Parkinsonism, and he also talks about how pivotal were animals in these researches. He says, "How far...
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