Analysis of Printed Advertisement

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Analysis of Printed Advertisement
In the printed advertisement by Maybelline New York, the makeup product advertised is targeted towards women. The advertised product, known as “The Eraser”, is to ensconce facial blemishes and wrinkles. Throughout the ad, one can find many target words and images that grasp the reader’s attention. These specific words, phrases, and images allow the reader to become conscious of their own flaws, therefore, attracting them to this product. The main attention grabbing word throughout this ad is “Eraser” the word eraser shows up numerous amounts of times within this ad. The word eraser is paired with many other words, for example, “Erase fine lines” or “Erase age spots”. These words target the needs of different individuals at once, although it may not even be beneficial to one, it still attracts the viewer in a well effective manner. The actual image itself plays a large role as well; the main image is of an attractive young-looking female. The female in this image has a beautiful complexion; there are no flaws on her face whatsoever. This image is obviously used to manipulate the minds of the audience into thinking that this is what they will look like after using this product. Another key phrase also used within this ad is “Instant Age Rewind”. Alone, these words are meaningless, but when placed together, it can create a deeper meaning. The interpretation of this “meaning” can differ for each individual, but most women take that phrase and interpret it as a product that will; make them look a lot younger INSTANTLY. When the fine print in this ad is read, which states, “Visual is a dramatization of actual product results”, one can truly realize that the ad is a hoax to manipulate individuals into purchasing this product. Unfortunately, no one really knows whether this advertisement is accurate before the purchase of the actual item.

In the printed advertisement by L’Oreal Paris, the makeup product advertised is targeted towards...
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