Analysis of Pride and Prejudice. Final Project

Topics: Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet Pages: 4 (1574 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Ana Clara Fay

Professor Vincent


June 9, 2012

Final Project

The movie that I chose is the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice. It was directed by Joe Wright and had Keira Knightley for the lead role, Elizabeth Bennet, along with Matthew Macfadyen as her romantic interest, Mr. Darcy. The movie was produced by Studio Canal and Working Title Films and distributed by Universal Pictures. The main plot follows the lives of the Bennet Family and their five daughters, as they progress in life and find proper husbands. The story begins with the arrival of Mr. Bingley, his sister and his friend, Mr. Darcy, to the city where the Bennet family lived. The oldest sister falls in love with Mr. Bingley and he seems to correspond her affection, but after some misunderstandings Bingley, his sister and Darcy leave the country and go back to London. Elizabeth had a very bad impression about Mr. Darcy, but once he leaves she does not think of him again. It is just when she visits her recently married cousin, and his benefactor Lady Catherine de Bourgh that she meets Darcy again, and discovers that he not only was guilty of separating her sister of her love, but that he was in love with her, Elizabeth. The plot continues as the girls find their ways to be happy, while conforming to the complicated aristocratic English life.

Pride and Prejudice is based on the homonymous book by Jane Austen, and is an amazing portray of the life in the 1810’s. The culture represented in the movie is the minor English aristocracy during the reign of George III. The main character, Elizabeth, is very critical of the society in which she was raised. She is confused by the fact that it is unfair that her sisters and her are forced to get married in order to guarantee their future. Since there are no male inheritors all the patrimony of her family will go to her cousin when her father dies. Elizabeth believes in love and true feelings and...
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