Analysis of Pre-School in Three Cultures

Topics: Education, Teacher, Psychology Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: March 14, 2013
This paper is an analysis of two different preschools from two diverse cultures. The analysis was done by observation of the video “Preschool in Three Cultures”. The video explores a typical day at three different preschools around the world. The video presents several different instructional learning activities that use both constructivism and behaviorism methods of teaching. Examples of several different teaching techniques of each theory that were demonstrated in the video are discussed. Constructivism is a type of learning theory where individuals create new perceptions based on different life experiences. The focus of this theory is based on the students want and capability to learn the material being instructed. A constructivist teacher will help guide self-directed learning. They will focus on making connections between facts and developing new understanding in students. These teachers work on modifying their strategies based on their student responses. It is important for them to encourage their students to analyze, interpret, and predict information usually in collaboration with others. The classroom I found to be the most constructivist, was the preschool located in Japan named Komatsudani. There were many more clear examples of constructivist teaching techniques demonstrated. Below are detailed examples of those approaches and how they are well designed to improve learning: From the time the children arrived at the preschool, they engage in outdoor play with mixed age groups. The outdoor play is necessary for cognitive growth. Through outdoor play, the preschoolers have the ability to develop and refine motor skills. They have a chance to experience the joy of mastery in a sport or game; they will also develop and use basic academic skills such as counting, reading, and maybe even writing. The teacher in this classroom scaffolds the students during instructional activities. A lesson on counting is presented to the students; they must...
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