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23 February 2012

Genre Analysis of the Online Article, ‘Superfoods’ Everyone Needs

Genre: online article
Author: Susan Seliger
Target Audience: variety of ages; healthy people, healthy cooks, people who want to eat better, people with illnesses, diseases, or other health ailments

Article Title: ‘Superfoods’ Everyone Needs
Date: February 2007
Author’s claim: “A healthy diet incorporating a variety of... superfoods will help you maintain your weight, fight disease, and live longer.” (para. 4)

My analysis tool: COLFV model, which stands for five elements—content, organization, language, format, and values

Blueberries—one of the superfoods Seliger describes. Source: My claim: Using the COLFV model to analyze the genre of this informative online article, I find that Seliger effectively uses organization, language, and values; however, the content and format of the text could be improved.

Feature 1 – Percentages
* In reference to the outside source, Elizabeth Somer, Seliger includes percentages. “I’d say about 50%-70% of suffering could be eliminated by what people eat and how they move: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension can all be impacted.” (para. 3) * By including these percentages, the reader can easily refer to them in the text. * Percentages make the comment more tangible.

Feature 2 – Comparisons
* The author compares age with calcium levels for adults (para. 12). For example, the author includes: “Age 9-18 – 1300mg; age 19-50 – 1000mg; age 51 and over – 1200mg,” in bullet point format on separate lines. * These comparisons by age and level of calcium help readers find which level fits them. * These comparisons are important, however, the ages are limited to adults. Albeit the first group includes children from ages 9-18, it can be useful for readers to be informed about the levels for younger...
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