Analysis of Obama's President Speech

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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An analysis of Obama’s president speech.
This essay will scrutinize the articulation of Barack Obama’s speech and will study his use of verbal and non-verbal communication. It will examine whether or not he has used the appropriate tone, language and the correct techniques for speaking as a president. By the time this essay comes to an end one should be able to recognize how befitting his speech was for his audience and the formal nature of it. Obama spoke in a formal manner which showed America his professionalism. When making his speech, Obama gave careful consideration to assure that he directed it to the whole American nation and that he did not sound inconsiderate to anyone. He used a range of language techniques and the correct body language to provide a good impression of himself and to captivate his audience. Obama did not want to appear greater or superior then his fellow citizens. He wished for himself to sound as part of the nation. One can tell this as he continuously use words such as "we" and "our". This can also give the audience confidence in him as well as to remind them of the importance of unity in America. Obama thanks the former president George Bush to seem selfless and appreciative for "his service to his nation". He also briefly mentions the previous presidents to show he has good knowledge about these matters. He mentions the current condition of the country, "our health care is too costly, and our schools fail too many”. He indirectly indicates how much America is in need of a reformation. He tells the audience how he wants to change America for the better. As was mentioned above Obama was very formal in his speech. This of course was a necessity due to the fact that he is the president. One of Obama’s techniques that were used by him to sound formal was good structure. He started very clearly with an introduction of whom he was and why he was there “today”. Near the middle he talked about the country and both their good...
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