Analysis of My Own Adolescence

Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Analysis of My Own Adolescence

Ashland University

Brittany McClish
Psychology 218B
Spring, 2012


Analysis of My Own Adolescence
“It was Sunday afternoon when I for the first time saw Brock. He was in the Praise Worship Center at the donut cart eating donuts. When I sat down he was two rows down from me. I stared at him what I could see of him. Then for the sermon I couldn’t see him at all so I didn’t look that way. When church was over he walked out and I stared at him the whole time. I hope he comes next Sunday” (McClish, 2004). This is the first entry from a journal I had about my first crush as an adolescent, and throughout this paper I will share other entries from my Brock Journal 1 and Brock Journal 2 to reflect on my own borderline stalker adolescence referenced to research and theory in the field of adolescent psychology. A crush is defined as “the emotion normally felt toward an individual of the opposite sex may suffer a change in its whole character or may be transferred to an individual of the same sex” (Klein, 1). Everyone has had a crush at one point or another and my first crush was on Brock Fickenscher, who was an eighth grader when I was in the seventh grade. I only saw him on Sundays at church because we attended different middle schools. I fell head over heels for him in the seventh grade because I thought he was everything with my blinders on. Adolescence is the time period considered after elementary school and throughout highschool. This is an account of my own adolescence and an analysis of my own adolescence in regards to identity, development, gender, and achievement. According to the article, Early Adolescents’ Experiences with, and Views of Barbie, “particular toys enter into the lives of some children and become, as it were, central to their identity. Toys present messages about gender, adult roles, and values that children internalize” (1). In other words, this article discusses the role that...
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