Analysis of Multi-Level Governance and the Policy Process in the Uk.

Topics: European Union, European Parliament, European Commission Pages: 32 (5233 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Critically analyse how a multi-level governance perspective can help us

understand the policy process in the UK.

This essay will attempt to show that multi-layered global governance, supra-national

level governance, national governance, sub-national governance is already a reality for the

citizens of the United Kingdom .There is no longer only one or two levels of government as in

the past – Central Government and local government . 'Government ' is the traditional

understanding of how the UK is governed from Westminster through formal institutions and

elected government. While the nation-state is likely to remain the foremost unit of

government, Devolution and Europeanisation have also emerged and this necessitates an

analyses of government at international, national, sub-national, and local levels.

Rhodes(1997) developed the differentiated polity model as an illustration of the changed

nature of governance in the UK today. Rhodes speaks of the 'hollowing out of the state'

whereby there are many new layers or tiers of governance which affect the policy process

here in the UK and which have diminished the ability of the state to steer or coordinate policy.

Richards and Smith (2002, p15) describe 'governance' as a label which explains the

changes which have occurred in the policy process in recent years believing that the term

raises awareness of the rise in the diversity of spheres and participants involved in the policy

process. Authoritative decision making is now dispersed across many territorial levels both

upwards and downwards.(Hooghe and Marks, 2001,p11) In today's world there are many

'actors' involved in the process of decision making and policy making. Pierre and

Peter (2000,p1) argue that despite the term governance being difficult to define, the

popularity of the concept of governance lies in its ability to encapsulate the wide variety of

institutions and relationships involved in the governing process. Carmichael (2002 ) contends

that '….it is increasingly common to speak of government having been superceded by


The nature and role of government has changed and increasingly there is a global

perspective and a European Union perspective, also there is a national perspective and a

regional [sub-national] perspective. This is the reality of which the term 'multi-level

governance' was born.

Multi-layered global governance.

Globalisation has meant that business is increasingly conducted on a world-wide

basis and often twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. New technologies and the internet

have facilitated the ability to transact global business with astonishing rapidity. There is now

an unprecedented movement of people, trade and capital world-wide and globally we are

ever more interdependent on one another.

'Globalisation is the emergence of a complex web of interconnectedness that means our

lives are increasingly shaped by events that occur and decisions that are made at a great

distance from us.' (Heywood 2000 , p.243)

Globalisation is a however a contested concept and Held et al. (1999) make reference

to three different viewpoints . Hyperglobalizers see globalisation as ‘a new epoch in human

history.’ (Held et al., 1999,p3) and believe there have been enormous political and

economic consequences which diminish the role of national government . While Sceptics

believe that globalisation is an over-rated myth and contend that there has historically always

been global interconnectedness and trading overseas and that nation states and national

governments remain as the key units of political and economic organisation. ( Held et al.,

1999,p 5) Transformationalists view globalisation as differing from previous experience of

economic interdependence in its scale and depth. They believe that a multitude of institutions,

Non governmental Organisations,...
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