Analysis of Movements in Sleeping Beauty

Topics: Ballet, Modern dance, Isadora Duncan Pages: 3 (1185 words) Published: May 9, 2012
The Sleeping Beauty dance performance is one of the most important performances. It has many versions and every version casts a spell over the audience. With the modern movement, Sleeping Beauty is interpreted in a modern and different way than classical ballet. In this paper, I am going to analyze and compare two different versions; Mats Ek’s the new, modern version and Vivien Durante’s classical version (Royal Ballet) of Sleeping Beauty. The difference between modern dance and Ballet can be seen clearly in Sleeping Beauty. Both versions are using the same music (P. Tchaikovsky) but interpreting totally different. In Mats Ek’s performance (modern version), dancers are moving more freely. Their movements relaxed and they don’t stick to strict rules in the dance. However in the Durante’s old version (classical ballet), there are strict rules and dancers are sticking to these rules. If they do something different from their predetermined steps, it counts as a mistake because steps set in stone and should done exactly same. In the modern dance any step is permissible and dancers or choreographer can create new steps according to their moods and emotions. As you can see the bases for the movement of the modern dance and ballet is totally different. If we analyze the movements more detailed there are also many differences between Sleeping Beauty’s modern and ballet version. In the ballet, some movements have tension and tiring the body. For example, when ballets walk on toes and trying to expand with their arms, their necks are lying towards the one arm and it causes a huge tension at the back of neck. Not all movements are making with tension but to express the aesthetics of the dance, body should be stretched. The interesting part in the classical ballet (old version of Sleeping Beauty) is that, movements are sometimes strained but at the same time they are soft. Especially passing from one movement to another is very soft and slow. The ballets are giving the image...
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