Analysis of Mlk's "Three Ways of Meeting Oppression"

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  • Published : November 12, 2008
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Oppression and injustice have been prevalent issues in society since the formation of this country. During the 1960’s, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a influential advocate for equal rights, especially in the South. He discussed possible solutions to such social issues in his speeches and essays. One essay, “Three ways of meeting oppression,” introduces acceptable solutions that can be seen as rational and ethical, as well as emotionally appealing. The significance of such solutions can not be refuted, although the techniques may have opposition. Overall, King contributed vital information benefiting the struggle against injustice within his essay. King discusses his point of view regarding various techniques that can be utilized to respond to oppression. Many valid points are discussed incorporating rational and logical thoughts regarding the many ways oppression has previously been addressed, such as submission and violence, and the best way to handle oppressive situations, by solving the problem from its core. King viewed succumbing to the hardships of oppression the same as accepting and condoning the actions of the oppressor. He reasoned this idea since the absence of opposition perpetuates oppression for the future generations. Therefore, one who does not stand up for rights and freedoms for themselves are condoning the maltreatment of their offspring, and in some ways, handing their children directly to the oppressor. King discusses how it is important to stand up to oppression in a correct manner. He believed that violence will not resolve the problem, but in fact continue the cycle of cruelty and evil in a deep and more complicated level. Since violence is considered a brutal tactic, and acquiescence is conceding to oppressive actions, it is necessary to respond to oppression in a verbal, active, yet nonviolent manner. The idea that nonviolent tactics are the best solution to oppression is based in its ethical and moral basis. King saw it...
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