Analysis of Major Character Hamlet

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An Analysis of Major Character: Hamlet

Hamlet is one of the most complicated characters in all of Shakespeare. In this short analysis I will try to describe some of the basic characteristics of Hamlet. When looking deeply into the character of Hamlet many questions are asked. When Hamlet hears that his uncle possibly murdered his father, he decides to begin acting insane. There are many different reasons that Hamlet has decided to go mad. He may be trying to confuse everyone into thinking that he is not capable of understanding his surroundings. This would allow Hamlet to go wherever he wants and hear whatever he can. He might also be going mad in order to be able to blame his future actions on his insanity. He says things that everyone thinks are absolutely ludicrous. Everyone tries to figure out why he is acting this way and most just assume that he is still grieving for his father. Polonius tries explaining that Hamlet is so in love with his daughter Ophelia that that is why he is acting so strange. There are many questions raised about his behavior. Is he even acting, or is he really insane? And if he is indeed acting, why does he feel the need to be so dramatic? Regardless of him being mad or not, Why does he treat Ophelia the way he does? Hamlet is very intelligent and extremely philosophical. He explores almost every possibility and consequence. Sometimes he even thinks too much. He is rational in thinking that On the other hand, words like: impulsive, anxious, and irrational might also come to mind. Thinking critically and analytically is what Hamlet does best. There is no doubt that Hamlet does think about some things before he acts. He has soliloquy after soliloquy of him contemplating his future actions like suicide and murder. One of these soliloquies he has after the actors come. It is in this speech that Hamlet devises the plan to create a play in...
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