Analysis of Learning Disabilities Among Children

Topics: Psychology, Clinical psychology, Research Pages: 4 (1381 words) Published: February 11, 2011

Analysis of Learning Disabilities among Children
Separated from a Parent
Chanda Holley
Research and Methods
Psychology 326
Professor Anne Gloag
May 24, 2010

The objective of this study is to show the relationship between experiencing separation from parents and having learning disabilities or difficulties in children in a community based sample. In this study the children who were studied were separated from parents for varying reasons. These reasons ranged from divorce, parental illness, adversities, and child welfare issues (where the child is placed in foster care or with other family members). The researchers in this study tested how parental separation affects the learning potential of children. Analysis of Learning Disabilities among Children

While analyzing the study done by A. Jee, S.H., Conn, K. M., Nilsen, W. J. Szilagyi, M. A., and et al. one must consider each author’s educational background and qualification, the he or she must research and validate the methods and results. Once all is validated one can discuss his or her views on the subject matter at hand. Author Qualifications

Dr. Sandra H. Jee, M.D., M.P.H. primary area of study is disparities for underserved children. She works mainly with psychosocial issues for children, and health needs for children in foster care. Her current research interests include children in the child welfare system and mental health needs for children in foster care. In the past she has received funds for data collection studies examining quality of care and devotion to clinical standards in foster care to conduct data analysis using samples to study child welfare issues. Dr. Jee has experience as a diagnostician for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and she has been an invited keynote speaker for local and statewide topics (Jee, 2009).

Dr. Wendy J. Nilsen is a practicing “clinical child psychologist” who graduated with her doctorate from...
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