Analysis of Kate Chopin's “the Story of an Hour”

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  • Published : December 4, 2010
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Analysis of Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”
Kate Chopin’s “the story of an hour” presents the story of a wife in 1894, in a time when society norms underestimated women needs. The story mainly explores the reaction of a wife, who suffers of heart trouble, to her husband’s death. The story begins with her sister’s and family’s friend’s struggle to break the news to her; the story then transports the reader through the development of Mrs. Mallard’s different emotions. Mrs. Mallard passes from grief, for her husband’s death, to joy, for her freedom, and to death for her husband’s return. The author presents the problems of a 19th century marriage, and how these develop a change in this wife’s feelings in regards to her husband’s death. The story invites the reader to analyze and judge Mrs. Mallard’s behavior; behavior that was developed by her own meaning of marriage. However, it will be the reader’s personal view of marriage that would vary his or her responses to the story. This essay will analyze the story of an hour by closely evaluating the different events in the story, the characters, the point of view, and the interrelation of these three. This will allow the reader to be able to maintain his or her initial response or obtain a new perception of the story. Finally, a conclusion with my personal response will conclude the paper. The events of the story were told chronologically, however, they were not predictable. This allows the reader to concentrate completely on what was going to happen next. The story begins by offering a very important detail that crated not only suspense by also became a conflict in the story. The mention of Mrs. Mallard’s heart trouble joins up the news of her husband death. This creates tension and leads the story forward to one of the most important events in story. Mrs. Mallards decides to deal with grief alone by locking herself in her room. However, when she is alone in front of the open window, her grief is quickly...
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