Analysis of Italian and Egyptian Culture

Topics: Italian language, Arabic language, Egypt Pages: 6 (2146 words) Published: August 26, 2008
Every country has its own culture. Different country has different culture. Culture plays an important role in every part of life of citizens and we can see the effect of culture in the behaviour of people .Culture varies from country to country .Doing business in different country means doing business in different work environment or we can say that doing business in different culture therefore it is necessary to sound knowledge of culture where we are going to do business the study of culture covers many aspects like language, society, people behaviour, their etiquette, how they deal with other people and how they communicate .I have chosen two countries that are culturally diverse from each other and those are Italy and Egypt The first country is Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy. The majority of people in Italy speak Italian language. The religion in Italy is predominantly Roman Catholic with mature protestant and Jewish communities. There is also rising Muslim communities community. Italian is the official language of Italy. The family is the centre of the social structure and provides stabilizing influence for its members. Italy has two types of culture like in the north, generally the nuclear family lives where as in the south, the extended family lives in the south the joint family provides economical and financial support to the members of family. The first impression is very important for Italians. Or it can be said that the first impression is the last impression. The concept of ‘bella figura’ is important to Italians .It is more than dressing well. It extends your project too- confidence, style, demeanour etc. Italians are highly fashion conscious and judge people on their appearance .The way you dress can indicate your family’s background and your education level. The Italians are very religious. We can find a religious statue in the lobby of most of the office. This shows that how a religion can effect the business culture. One of the important thing regarding business is that each trade and a profession has a different patron saint. Italians respect older people .highly educated, highly qualified and people from well known families Italians are guided by first impression therefore it is important that you show discipline and proper respect when meeting or greeting with other people especially when you r meeting for the first time. Italians greet strangers with a handshake with a smile and also a direct eye contact. Etiquettes and customs are also different from other countries. Many Italians use calling card in social situation. These are normally bigger than other traditional business cards. These card include persons’ name, address, title or academic honours and their contact numbers. It is very helpful for the person to have calling cards made if he is going to stay in Italy for a long period of time. But Italians never give business cards in lieu of calling cards in a social situation. There are different gift giving etiquettes in Italy. For example-never give red flowers as they indicate secrecy, yellow flowers indicates jealousy, chrysanthemums are giving on the time of funerals, etc. Italians give preference to quantity rather than quality. If some one is bringing wine then it should be of good quality. Italians prefer to do business with the known person on which they can trust. Therefore it is necessary to have good relationships if some one is going to do business in Italy. Italians are intuitive therefore it is admired to make an effort to ensure that your colleague like and trust you. Italians are good communicators. They use facial and hand gestures to prove their point. As Italians give preference to the first impression therefore they judge people on the first appearance .if...
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