Analysis of Internal Influences and Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Customer, Customer service, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 12 (3805 words) Published: August 15, 2008
Section 1: Motivation and Involvement (20 marks)

Select one level of from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs that can be used to segment the market and position the product/service. To segment and position JOZOLI marina I will use Maslow’s need hierarchy. The people that we are looking to join our marina will be at the Social Needs stage because they will have met their most basic needs, physiological needs such as food, water, air, shelter, etc…. The safety and security needs have also been met since at the time where an individual is able to spend enough time on their boat to make financially viable they have likely reached a point in time where they have a stable career, an established family, sufficient money in their savings account as well as good health. This then brings them to fulfill their social needs.

Social Needs: Boaters look for needs of belongingness and acceptance at a social level. They are motivated by the acceptance in a social setting, i.e. we are boaters and moored at xx marina. Some would say we are power boaters and others would say are sailors and have a need to belong and exchange with this group.

Identify possible motivational conflicts that a prospective consumer of your chosen product/service may have. There are three types of motivational conflicts: approach-approach, approach-avoidance, and avoidance-avoidance. A prospective customer of JOZOLI could be faced with the approach-approach motivational conflict such as: “Do I spend more money for the marina I am berthed at, or do I save the additional dollars for little Suzie’ education?” or a prospective customer could be faced with the approach-avoidance conflict such as: “I can stay at JOZOLI’s for $3,000 per season, or I can stay at a more modest marina for $2,500 per season. At JOZOLI I will be associated with the best crowed and at marina X I will not, and will not have the other amenities such as luxurious bathrooms, cable TV and Wireless Internet”. And finally a potential customer could be faced with the avoidance-avoidance conflict, example: “the marina we are presently staying at is falling a part – the docks and electricity is dangerous; if no decision is made we will be faced with a danger. Two weeks later nothing was done and one both caught on fire because of the bad electricity on the dock”

Discuss how the marketer can reduce or resolve these motivational conflicts.

If we look at the three examples above, here are ideas that a marketer could use the resolve these motivational conflicts:

Approach-Approach: If you stay at the higher class marina you will be associated with better people and likely make additional business partners, which will possible bring your career to the next step and at the same time increase your revenue. If you choose JOZOLI you will be surrounded with high quality people likely at the executive levels. It is a good investment for your career! Approach-Avoidance: If you itemized the services we provide and deliver compared to other marinas you will notice that we are very much at the same level as other marinas. We will provide you with the best environment; you’ll have access to wireless internet which could potentially allow you to stay on your boat longer since you will be able to work from it, cable TV, state of the art facilities that include a pool and a nautilus gym. All these services would cost you $100 or more per month, and you would not have them all at the tip of your fingers. To top it all off, we’ll collect your garbage daily and transport your groceries from your car to your boat. Avoidance-Avoidance: Docks are essential to your boating habits! If your dock is not safe you are risking having issues that could range from having a scratch on your boat because of a wood board falling of to your boat being a total lost due to the dock falling a part in a storm, or worse, the old electrical wiring catching fire could totally destroy your boat and everything...
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