Analysis of Integration in Esquel

Topics: Management, Sustainability, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Esquel-Integration of Business Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility As we can learn from the case, despite of the awards Esuqel had got for its CSR efforts, Esquel integrated business strategy and CSR very successfully to achieve its business goal, which is “sustainable growth and prosperity of the company, people and host communities”. We will analyze the drives behind this integration and how Esquel made it work so successfully. 1.Catalyst for Integration

Through the analysis of the case, we mainly believe that the catalyst for integrating CSR and business strategy can be described from three aspects: customer, social policy and business goal. (1) Customer: As we know, the ultimate goal of Esquel is not to sell products but to serve customers, and the ones their customers serve: end consumers. Consumers now are not like whom in the past years only cared about things like price, quality, time-to-market. Now more and more customers are asking for value-added or green products which mean environment protection during production process, healthy concern and good work condition and welfare for workers. So a winning strategy is the strategy which cares about not only direct consumption-linked factors but also societal needs. (2) Social Policy: From the development history of Esquel, we can learn that it was very good at capturing opportunities derived from the development of China or following the guidance of government policy. In 2003,the concept of scientific development was proposed and in 2005,the campaign to establish a harmonious society begun. Under this condition, there’s reason for Esquel to emphasize more in CSR and consider deeply integrate it into business strategy to build its competency in the future. (3) Business Goal: The business goal of Esquel which was set by CEO Margie was to guarantee sustainable growth and prosperity of the Company, its people and host communities. In order to achieve this goal, the integration is a...
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