Analysis of Group Leadership

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Analysis of Group Leadership – “American Gangster”

The importance of leadership to a group’s success is very vital. A leader is the central person who guides the group toward its goal. A leader must have followers and influence over those followers. Leadership directly affects the way people feel about working for you. By creating a positive climate, will affect the amount of effort people in your group will contribute. And the more they contribute, the more successful your group will be.

The film American Gangster is an American biographical crime film based on the criminal career of Frank Lucas, a gangster from La Grange, North Carolina who made millions smuggling heroin into the United Sates on American service planes returning from Vietnam War. After the death of the city’s top drug dealer, Lucas sought out to take over that position by selling the best 100% potent heroin called “blue magic”. In order to do so, Lucas knew he needed some people on his team. He then sought out and recruited five family members to help him with this criminal operation. The group met up face-to-face when it was necessary, otherwise, the five members communicated with Lucas individually to keep a low profile. The type of group that is portrayed in this film is a secondary group because they existed to accomplish a goal of selling the best product in town.

Task leadership was displayed within this group. Lucas had an authoritarian leadership style. He did all the initiating and made the final decisions. Each one of the other five members had their own individual task that contributed to the group’s overall goal. All five members had their own business of their expertise which were cover-ups for transporting the money and drugs. Although Lucas was very strict and stern about what needed to be done and how it needed to be done, there was a positive climate. When the group met up he was often encouraging and straight forward about how good they were doing.

The group was...
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