Analysis of George Hw Bush's Inaugural Address

Topics: George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush Pages: 4 (1168 words) Published: March 16, 2013

George HW Bush Informative Speech

Imagine if you would all the way back to 1989. The Iran-Contra affair is a hot political topic. Tensions with the Soviet Union are decreasing. Communist nations are falling left and right. The Berlin Wall is soon to crumble and the Cold War soon to end. George Herbert Walker Bush, or “Old Bush’s” Inaugural Address was a crucial speech among the list of the twentieth-century President’s Inaugural Addresses. George Senior’s Address came at a crossroads not only in American history, but world history. In it, he used a myriad of figures of speech to enhance its content and revealed underlying themes that occurred not only throughout his speech, but during his presidency as well. The themes he touched on included old classics, freedom, and a rhetorical new breeze bringing in change. Let’s look a little further into the history of and behind Bush One and his Inaugural Address.

George Herbert Walker Bush was the forty-first President of the United States of America – as such, he is often referred to as “Bush 41” to separate him from his son – “Bush 43,” the forty-third president. Bush 41 is the oldest surviving President today. His father served in the United States Senate and two of his sons have also been involved in politics. His family definitely is one of public service. In fact, at the time he was honored, George H.W. Bush was the youngest pilot ever in the Air Force. He later graduated from Yale and moved to West Texas where shortly thereafter, he became a millionaire by age 40 by way of the oil business. I know, shocking, those Bushes and their darn oil. After striking it rich, he attempted to run for the Presidency in 1980, eventually being beaten out in the Republican Primary by Ronald Reagan. Reagan turned around and named "old" Bush his running mate and George H.W. served as Vice President from 1980-1988. He again ran for President in 1988, this time earning the Republican nomination and beating out the...
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