Analysis of Gender in Childrens Television

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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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Analysis of Gender in Children’s Television
Spend an hour viewing a children’s television program and analyze the characters and content. Answer the following questions. (Please type answers) Handy Manny
What gender roles are displayed?
Manuel "Manny" Garcia
Gumball’s father is a mostly out-of-touc..

Was there gender role stereotypes? if so, what were they?

What careers, chores, and activities were depicted for men/women and girls/boys? Main human characters
* Manuel "Manny" Garcia (voiced by Wilmer Valderrama) — The bilingual Hispanic/Mexican handyman, and the handiest handyman in all of Sheetrock Hills. He has a boxful of anthropomorphic tools, each with their own unique quirk, which he takes with him to do his repairs. He has a reputation for helping everyone, and was awarded with the "Good Citizens Award" last season, after unknowingly repairing his own prize, a trophy. He is Abuelito's grandson and is the brother of Lola. Also uncle to two boys named Pepe and Chico. He has never been seen without his hat on. Sometimes he plays Soccer with his tools and encourageing them to play outside more. * Lenard Francis Lopart, usually called Mr. Lopart (voiced by Tom Kenny) — The owner of a candy store next to Manny's workshop. He is a single middle aged man who lives happily with his cat Fluffy. There hasn't been a reference to him ever being in a romantic relationship, although he does have an excellent relationship with his mother. Mr. Lopart's know-it-all unusually high level of self confidence, attitude and refusal of Manny's assistance often lands him in trouble, usually resulting in his falling on the floor or on the objects he lifts. It should be pointed out that Mr. Lopart has accepted help from Abuelito on occasion which suggests the issue he has is actually receiving help from someone his senior. In the episode "Bingo Night" Fluffy throws all of the Bingo pieces on the floor and Abuelito offers to lend a hand. Mr. Lopart accepts his offer....
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