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Frankenstein Analysis

There are some boundaries that man should never cross. In the story Frankenstein written by Mary Shelly, it is explained why responsibility is an important aspect in this world. Using certain literary devices such as character, theme, imagery, symbolism, and point of view Shelly portrays why and how boundaries and responsibility tie together. In the story, Victor Frankenstein tries to play God by attempting to create a human using parts from deceased people. When he succeeds in his project, he realizes that he has created a monster and regrets what he has done. Victor considers the Creature to be an abomination. The Creature on the other hand seems almost child- like; he doesn’t seem to know any better of what he does. Responsibility is not taken in the story. Victor tries to disregard the monster; which in turn causes a domino effect and events seem to get worse. Character is used in this story because it seems as though none of the characters want to take responsibility for has happened; when it is clearly Victor’s fault. The purpose of the work is to show that playing God will bring nothing but trouble. Victor was excited about his creation until it actually came to life. As soon as it showed signs of life, Victor became frightened and had the sudden realization that what he had done was best described as unforgivable. The Creature brought nothing but destruction, even though he was unaware of what he was doing. Victor underwent much pain and sorrow after the Creature had destroyed much of victor’s life. It is as if God himself was punishing Victor for his actions and irresponsibility. As if, God himself was sending a message to Victor saying, “how dare you try to replace me, Victor? For your reckless actions, you will be punished for what you have caused.” Victor attempted to do the work of God and in the end had everything taken from him including his life. At the end of the story, Victor has already lost all of his...
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