Analysis of Exposure Wilfred Owen

Topics: Echo, Effects unit, Sound Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: December 2, 2012
“Crickets jingle here.” Onomatopoeia
This sentence was described in the lines where the soldier had a flash back where he used to live. Jingle is like a sound of a bell vibrating, like in occasions in Christmas which is the most important holiday in England. When the people hear the bell jingle; it’s echoing and creating a melody and some kind of music inside the sound. The writer’s linking the crickets with the jingle sound could be because the crickets sound also echo and create some kind of melody, and usually summer, you should find crickets jingle everywhere. The sound effect in this case would be Owen wanted to create the sounds that are familiar to the people in England. “The night is silence.” Metaphor

Silence is the absent of sound. It tells us in the dark sky, the soldier also has to face the problem he has to look towards nothing and there’s a complete silence. The quote describes the place in an atmospheric way, and there’s not much to discuss about. “The flickering gunnery rumbles.” Onomatopoeia

There’s a consonance of the r sound in this quote which is not a hard sound, yet a soft sound. I might be that the writer wanted the rhythm to slow down perhaps. The quote described clearly the image of the gunnery when the soldier’s using it. “Sudden successive flights of bullets streak out the silence.” Alliteration The quote has the alliteration of the s sound in the word sudden and successive. S is a hard sound so this helps emphasize the flights of bullet tearing the silence. The quote help raise questions in the reader: Has the battle begin again? “Worried by the silence, sentries whisper, curious, nervous,” Metaphor The sibilance of the repeated ‘s’ sound creates the effect of whispering, an attempt to not draw the attention of the enemy, who are futilely using flares to see what is going on. The S sound creates like fussing sound.
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