Analysis of Erik Petersen

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a.Petersen is general manager of Green Mountain Cellular Telephone (GMCT) which is one of 12 cell sites operated by Cellucom (GMCT is 1 of 3 still in construction) b.GMCT is a pre-operating system, that will serve 400,000 people and operate 21 cell sites; 16 sites were anticipated to be ready by the turn-on date and five others in the eight months following c.GMCT is one month behind target because of numerous problems, the revised turn-on-date is April 1 (from Feb. 1) and Petersen is scheduled to meet with Knight in two weeks to discuss various problems that have led to delays d.NOTE: Petersen was initially informed by Jenkins that he would be reporting directly to him, however this never turns out to be the case; Petersen envisioned his interaction with Jenkins to be similar to that of Jenkin's relationsip with the new manager hired in Sacramento)

II.Problems causing delays
i.Petersen vs. senior management at Cellucom
1.Constantly get push back on his ideas and corporate is reluctant to support his initiatives (e.g. reassigning Andrews, compensation packages for Burns and Hanes, changing subcontractors) ii.Petersen vs. Jeff Hardy (Director of Budgets & Plans, later promoted/demoted to assistant director under Chip Knight after management restructure) 1.Hardy initially had been unable to offer any advice or guidance to Petersen as he lacked systems operating experience 2.Reporting relationship was informally established, therefore interaction was awkward 3.Hardy pushed back on Petersen's ideas, often turning them down a.refused to support Petersen's idea for reassigning Curt based on his inefficiency to complete the project in a timely manner b.would not reverse the decision to change the frequency reuse pattern c.Unwilling to sign off on agreements Petersen had with local governments to use specific towers for GMCT cell sites 4.Hardy's site visits...
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