Analysis of Employee Motivation: a Powerful New Model

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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After reading the model in the article “Employee Motivation: A Powerful New Model”, I think that Mrs. Ko effectively motivated her key stakeholders by satisfying the drives to require, bond, comprehend and defend . One thing should be mentioned is that Mrs. Ko successfully established a subculture which encouraged employees to work with team and participate in management and promoted empowerment; for example, the I Recommend(IR) program required every non-engineer employee to submit 20 IRs per year. The best IR of the month, most IR per year and other categories received awards from the plant. At the same time, supervisors posted “Praise Memos” throughout the plant. On the other hand, Mrs. Ko promoted empowerment in the plant, making employees to speak out. Furthermore, families were invited to participate in dinner-parties in the management retreat, which enabled employees to set up more bonds with their plant. All those processes made employees to take themselves as part of the plant and therefore they cared more about the plant. Additionally, Mrs. Ko put effect to promote Motorola-Penang throughout Motorola group, and she kept communication with fellow Motorolans, talking about management and technology initiatives and learning from them for experiences. Another thing should be mentioned is that Mrs. Ko satisfied the drive to require by setting up the plant’s reward system including tea parties, awards dinners, “praise memos” and stories in the quarterly newsletter celebrated. Also, MP encouraged employees to attend team competing in quality competitions among Motorola group. It was success and Penang teams won top honors in consecutive three years, making Penang the only site throughout the corporation to win gold medals threes in rows. Furthermore, Mrs. Ko addressed the drive to comprehend by designing training programs to improve employees technical skills; for instance, the “Operator training” provided a technical certificate for operators to go further...
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