Analysis of Emma Stone as the Interview

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Amy Perry
Transcript Analysis.

My first transcript is an interview on the Ellen show between Ellen Lee DeGeneres and Emma Stone. It was in April 2012 and The Ellen show is a very casual chat. The transcript I’ve taken is from about half way through the interview so they’re already in full conversation. My second transcript is from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Emma Stone, this interview was from June 2012. The Tonight Show is a much more formal interview. The final transcript is with and the interviewer is Jenn Selby. Emma Stone and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield are in this interview and the presence of her partner definitely make the interview very different from the other two. All three of the interviews are to promote the film ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ which both Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield star in. I will be looking at Emma Stone’s role as the interviewee. Analysis

Emma reacts differently in each interview. On both the Ellen Show and The Tonight Show Emma as the less authority speak compared to the interviewer. Jay Leno is quite a lot older than Emma Stone so Jay has the authority within this interview. He uses closed questions which allow him to keep control over the conversation for example he asks ‘Do um people recognise you’ when asking about her new fame however he also asked ‘how long will you keep it blonde for’ when questioning her new blonde hair style, which on the surface may look like a very closed question, but it causes Emma to talk about how long she’s going to be starring in the Spider Man films and whether there will be more than one. She answers, ‘well you know oh it’s kinda there are a few Spider Men’ which hints that there may be more than one film. He also uses initiators such as ’so’ and ’well’ to show that he is about to speak which again shows his power in the conversation. Ellen DeGeneres also uses closed questions, she could be criticised for being a bad interviewer, however in this case she...
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