Analysis of Emily Dickinson's Poetry

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  • Published : December 9, 2010
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Succeeding in life, or achieving one’s own goals, seems to be the central theme in everyone’s life as is in Emily Dickinson’s poetry. Dickinson expresses the lessons learned in life throughout her poems. There can be many hardships and obstacles preventing one from their own succession. The prevailing of these obstacles leads to one’s success is life.

In the poem “’Hope’ is the thing with feathers…” Dickinson uses a bird metaphorically as hope. The feathers as she tells are the hope in a person. The feathers create the wing and let the bird fly so in a sense it’s as if hope is lost in one place and can be found in another, as if flying to a new hope. In another sense somebody’s wings, or hopes, can be broken down by life’s hardships which can lead to a sense of hopelessness.

Hope perches in the soul which Dickinson uses as the home of the bird, perch, and the soul metaphorically. The bird lives from support of its perch; one’s hope is within one’s soul. Without the support of the perch the bird’s nest will fall. Without the soul, one loses hope in everything that means something to them.

“And sings the tune without the words; and never stops-at all”. Dickinson continues to use a bird as a metaphor for hope, but in this stanza she speaks of the bird’s singing. The bird’s song is also used for hope. The bird “never stops-at all” is referring to the song and one’s never ending hope. “And sore must be the storm…” is used to refer to the guilt and pain somebody or something that crushes the hope that others will feel.

“I’ve heard it on the chillest land; And on the strangest Sea; yet, never, in extremity; it asked a crumb of me” (Dickinson 9-12). In the last stanzas of the poem, Dickinson, refers to hope as being able to be found everywhere, or in the chillest land or on the strangest sea. Hope will be there for you and won’t ask anything from you. There should be hope in everyone who has a soul. This hope that is felt is for the continuance of one’s...
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