Analysis of Easy a

Topics: Love, High school, Pet Shop Boys Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: November 14, 2011
The movie begins with an anonymous student by the name of Olive Penderghast, whose desperate desire is to be recognized and noticed. Deep within she feels lonely and just wants to feel loved and accepted. This desperate desire to no longer be a loner and to just be accepted is shared from the very beginning by one of her peers, Brandon. During detention he shares with Olive that he is “tormented every day at school,” and he just wants this to stop. His escape from this lifestyle is Olive. To set this up, we will rewind. Previously, Olive and her best friend Rhiannon had been discussing Olive’s imaginary weekend with “George”. Rhiannon is convinced that Olive lost her virginity to this “George,” and finally Olive lies and says that is true, while the most hated girl on campus, Marianne, is eavesdropping. News of this spreads like wild-fire amongst the high schoolers, and now Olive, the once loner and nobody at school, becomes the main talk of the school. Returning to Brandon, Olive also confides with him and confesses that she never lost her virginity and made the whole story up. Olive says that he should pretend to be straight to end the persecution. This then gives Brandon the bold idea of asking if she can be that "one, good imaginary fling”. Seeing just how much Brandon is hurting and sharing the want to just be accepted, she agrees and stages a place and time where the whole school will be to make it seem real. She enjoys this new attention so much, that she lives in the lie she made and in her new-found reputation. She is the “new school slut”, and this catapults a series of lies. the catapaults Olive, just previously vyto this --feeling of loneliness and desire to be noticed, Right from the beginning, when opportunity presents itself to become more than a nobody, she jumps at it.

Who has fears? What are they? Olive is afraid of not being thought about or being significant. Marianne is afraid of Olive and the power she has over the school body. I...
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