Analysis of Dreams That Matter by Amira Mittermaier

Topics: Sigmund Freud, Islam, Psychoanalysis Pages: 4 (1269 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Dreams that Matter

Egyptian Landscapes of the



Question 1:
As a result of several religious and secular organizations cohesively taking charge in the attempt to ban a popular television program in Egypt: Ru’a, which elaborates on the themes of dreams and dream interpretation, the issue of the world of dreams became thus more of a controversial discourse. Muslim reformers aim to assist the Muslim world in its quest for renaissance through political, social and economic reform. They stand on the side that frowns upon the issue at hand. Their ultimate goal would be to ban dream interpretations from the masses and mass media.

Historically speaking, reformists argue that nothing in Islam actually confirms such practices; hence, leaving no room for Islamic faith in dream visions. Moreover, in the reformist opinion these beliefs only confuse the masses. Reformists seek to educate the masses to rely more on their mind then on their dreams. Although the Muslim religion has been criticized as an irrational, reformists insist in demonstrating its highly rational physiognomies.

Politically speaking, many leaders have taken fundamental decision based dream visions, such as Ben Laden’s and the Taliban Movement. The thing is dream visions can move the visionaries, their neighborhoods and even entire societies. However, dreams and their interpretation trouble rationality and the institutions that are at the pursuit of defining Islam for the community. Ultimately, dream interpretation disrupts the cultural hegemony that reformist are trying to build; therefore, in restricting dream interpretation practices to the private sphere, results in a reduced degree of interruption in the larger social purpose.

Question 2:

Dreams of direct interaction with the prophets Yusif or the prophet Muhammed have very important implications for this dreamer’s future. These dreams involve the formation of a direct association or...
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