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Topics: Philippines, Medicine, Economic system Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: February 28, 2013
DOH is the primary department for excellence in matter concerning the overall health and well being of the Philippine nation. DOH is concerned with the detection, prevention, and curing of various diseases, viruses and other matters that concern the health of the Philippine Population. It also looks after the hygiene and overall well being of the population DOH coordinates with various global organizations in order to figure out and combat diseases that can be contagious and spread throughout the country. Few of the most important powers and functions of the DOH is to regulate hospitals throughout the country to ensure that they have the necessary and sufficient facilities to support the well being of the population as well as oversee if these hospitals are operating on a ethical and proper conduct. It is on the other hand the responsibility of the DOH to conduct awareness and alerts to the population regarding the various dangers of the different kinds of sickness that can spread throughout the country. It can formulate policies, rules and regulations and other issuance on the general supervision over the health and well being of the Population. This Paper will study the allocation of the Philippine Budget to the Department of Health and how the DOH in turn tries to maximize this budget by allocating it to various projects, programs and concerns regarding the field of medicine that in turn will help advance the medical standing of the Philippine Population. This paper will also review if the allocated budget of the Philippine Government to the Department of Health is sufficient and enough to cover up the health care needs of the Philippine Population. Hence, in line with the statement printed above, the paper seeks to study and evaluate the budget and expenditures of the Department of Agriculture for the past 15 years (1996-2010) based on the declaration of current operating expenditures such as personnel services, maintenance and other operating expenses, and...
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