Analysis of Different Banks Performance in Bangladesh by Using Published Financial Statements

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07 August 2007

Md. Mahfuzur Rahman
East West University

Dear Mahfuz:

As the students of business administration are supposed to prepare a Report and submit that at the end of the semester, you are authorized to choose an interesting issue and construct a formal report on that. The issue should be the “Analysis of Basel Agreement and It’s influence on Bank’s of Bangladesh”.

The report should include some key steps such as Executive summary, introduction, conclusion, sources of information and the analysis. The title should be a statement which will describe the report precisely.

I will appreciate if you prepare the report according to the instruction given.


Nikhil Chandra Shil
Senior Lecturer & Assistant Proctor
East West University

07 August, 2007
Nikhil Chandra Shil
Senior Lecturer & Assistant Proctor
Department of Business Administration
43 Mohakhali C/A
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dear Sir:
Here is the report on the “Analysis of Basel Agreement and It’s influence on Bank’s of Bangladesh”. As you will find that I have conducted an in-depth investigation and analysis of different type’s ratio and tried to analyze certain circumstances and displayed our results of analysis and findings in this report.

I will really appreciate if you go through the report and express your feedback on that.



Md. Mahfuzur Rahman


The report is based on the performance analysis of different bank in Bangladesh. While any an all errors of fact, omission, and emphasis are solely our responsibility. I would remiss, if I did not acknowledge those who helped me to prepare this report.

First of all I must humbly acknowledge the contribution of Nikhil Chandra Shil for the time and effort to help me. I have had the good fortunate of meeting him in personally and share his views and ideas.

Next I must thank the University for offering us this project (BUS 498) course and our course instructor for his encouragement and cooperation. I believe it will help us in understanding and identifying different types of risk in the banking sector.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the contributions of my parents. Although they didn't write a single word of this report or any artworks, but their imprint can be found on everything I do. They support me, encourage me, and inspire me. They give my work - and my live -meaning. It is my Mother who provides me all the love and affection.

| | |Chapter 1 |04-16 | |1.1 Origin of the Report, Objective |06 | |1.2 Methodology, Scope, Limitations |08 | |1.3 Executive Summary |09 | |1.4 Introduction |11 | |1.5 Banking Industry –Overview |12 | |1.6 Credit Rating Status |16 | |Chapter 2 |17-22 | |2.1 Key Profitability Ratios In Banking |17 | |2.2 Earning Per Share |18 | |2.3 Liquidity Risk...
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