Analysis of Death by Landscape and Barn Burning

Topics: William Faulkner, Blame, Short story Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Analyze of Death by Landscape and Barn Burning
As we all have read the story of A Rose for Emily, I decided to choose the story, Barn Burning, written by the same author, William Faulkner for my analysis paper. The story opens with a scene in the court, where vice and guilt filled the air. The other story I am going to compare with Barn Burning is Death by Landscape. These two stories are seemingly unrelated, yet if you take a deeper look at them, there are still quite a few things in common. In the story of Barn Burning, Abnmathy Snopes, the father of Sarty, burnt down the barn of other’s. When Sarty realized his father’s intention to, once more, burn someone else’s barn, driving by guilt, he felt that he should tell someone. In the end, even though what he had done sacrificed his father’s life, I don’t think he has regretted for what he had done which he thought was right. In the story of Death by Landscape, Lois lives a shadowy life because of an event happened at her thirteen years old. After Lois and her friend, Lucy, went up hill to find a place to pee, Lucy disappeared inexplicably. Since then, Lois has been living in guilt. Thus, we can put it that the main character in these two stories both share a feeling of guilt. But for guilt, Sarty wouldn’t sell his father out by telling the truth; Lois wouldn’t live a life haunted by the childhood memory. From the beginning of Barn Burning to the end of it, we can tell that the author had been implying that Sarty didn’t want to become the man of his father’s kind. Although at first, he had to conceal the truth and couldn’t let the cat out of the bag, he struggled through it. On the contrary, it seemed easier for his elder brother to lie since he had been on his father’s side all along. In the story of Death by Landscape, Lois’s encounter with all the unhappiness turned her into a criminal like girl. She had to carry the tacit notoriety for the thing that she didn’t do, although she didn’t get...
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