Analysis of Customer Service Problem of Best Buy

Topics: Best Buy, Sales, Customer service Pages: 4 (1228 words) Published: November 24, 2012
Overview of the task
The task of this essay is to have a research in person to pay a visit on Best Buy to discover its potential marketing problem, anticipate the consequences and provides potential solution to this problem, which from my perspective, is bad customer service. Purpose and structure of the essay

The purpose of this essay is to explore the potential marketing problem of Best Buy to provide solutions to its problem. In order to make the essay more complete, this essay will first start with the brief introduction of the Best Buy, and then a personal experience of visiting the Best Buy shop will be displayed to have an analysis of the potential problem- bad customer service. What to follow is the anticipation and analysis of the potential influence and consequence of the problem. Subsequently, solutions and recommendation will be put out to tackle the problem. Brief Introduction of the Best Buy

Best Buy is a giant retailer of entertainment and technology products and services with operations in the multiple countries- United States, China, Europe, Canada and Mexico. The Best Buy generates more than 45 billion dollars annual revenue through brands family and partnerships such as Magnolia Audio Video; Audiovisions; Best Buy; Future Shop; Geek Squad The Car phone Warehouse; Napster; Jiangsu Five Star; Pacific Sales; The Phone House; and Speakeasy. The company is made up by about 155,000 employees who have applied their capabilities to bring benefit to the company and added value to customers through various means, for example, online communities, call centers, in-home solutions, retail locations, and websites, and product delivery.

Problem of the company
On March 29, 2012, the earning news released by the Best Buy which is lower than expected has revealed the trouble of this giant electronics retailer. It is said that Best buy is going to fire four hundred employees and ended up to fifty stores. Best buy, the last standing...
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