Analysis of Contextual Factors

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Workshop 1

Analysis of contextual factors

1. Contextual factors.

The educational community I work for is located downtown. It provides comfortable and modern facilities to the students and teachers that provide the appropriate setting for learning processes. It is a private, secular institution where everybody is encouraged to do their best for the students’ sake. Most teachers come from traditional college education and have master studies, those who do not have a master degree are encouraged by the institution to get one. The staff is also encouraged to have a good relationship with the students, emphasizing closeness and care. Students must feel supported by the staff community to motivate them and make the learning process a pleasant one. The students come from families whose income is above the average in order to pay the rather expensive tuition fee. Most of them studied in private schools and do not worry about financial issues their parents may have. However, when I started working I was surprised with the level of commitment they have regarding their education, I thought, since they belong to wealthy families, they were less responsible or less connected to the reality of most families in this country. Students organize activities to help organization that work and help under privileged children. They also prepare activities in which all students are invited to participate to give a sense of an educational community they feel they are part of. The university has also given a number of scholarships to students who can not afford higher education and had excellent performance in high school and PSU. Because of this, the sense of community has improved greatly. Last year was a difficult period for the community due to the social movements about university education. Then, students realized how blessed they were for not worrying about their family financial status and empathized with those who...
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